Isotope filter broke - help

I set up @SidneyOttelohe’s Isotope filter and it worked perfectly for a couple of weeks. Now it’s acting weird (see below). I’m not sure what changed. I haven’t touched the code.

Current behaviour
When entering the page only one item shows up.
Clicking on any of the filters will start showing items, but the animation (which was super smooth before), is now glitchy.
From second click on it is acting normal again.

Live site >

Any advice on how to debug this?



I think the issue here is that you’ve hidden the page initially, then displaying the page after everything is loaded. This is incompatible with isotope.

Damn, you’re right. I took the transition out and it’s back to normal.

Any creative way to bypass this, so I could still have the transition?

Yes technically there should be