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Isotope filter help - grid/layout breaks after reseting filter

I am trying to use Sidney Ottelohe’s Isotope filter (Isotope Search & Filter + Webflow CMS) with my CMS collection grid, and while it works fine on initial load and when searching, if you remove the text (to cancel/reset the filter) the grid breaks and suddenly each collection item is full browser width. From what I can tell the Collection List (which is set to grid) losses all style properties for some reason.

Here is my project:

And here is the test URL:

Hi Cai,

Seems like the page is loading with the grid already broken :confused:
Maybe try a different search tool? I use hideseek and it is great.

Hey Aviv, yes I did suspect that as I noticed that the 1px border on the left side of the grid was suddenly not rendering as soon as I placed the Isotope custom code in.

Thanks for sharing that link, I will check it out and give it a go!