Struggling with isotope

Hi! I am really struggling with my isotope selector, can someone please help me figure out why it won’t load any items when the filter buttons are pressed? and why it is doing the weird animation? (It is on services page)


A couple of things; webflow converts Camel Case class names to lowercase, and replaces " " with a hyphen on publish. So you don’t need to iterate over each to rename.

Next, you are targeting classes for filtering that don’t exist on your “div.dynamic-item”. So button “tech” is triggering a look for items with that class; which don’t exist.

Yeah that made no sense to me :frowning:

So did this resolve your issue? If so please mark it as solved.

No, i dont understand what i need to change?

Each dynamic item would need to have a corresponding class that matches your filter(s).

You can also replace your script with the one in the pen (backup first).