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Flexbox settings acting erratically

None of my flex child settings are sticking. If I add basis it reverts to auto. If I add anything in shrink or grow it reverts to empty.

Here is a recording:

Also, flex child has been pretty buggy for me for the past couple of weeks. Settings would disappear unexpectantly. However, this is the first where I can’t add a value at all.

Edit: Also, I am having some buggy behavior with initializing flexbox as well. I have to click the icon multiple times to get it to register. I primarily use chrome canary but have tested in regular chrome as well as incognito mode and the bugs persist.

Note: I am using the beta navigator. I don’t think it should have an affect on the style panel so I posted here instead of the slack. If it is connected then let me know and I will post in slack.

Did you mean to beta style panel?

no. the beta navigator. not style panel.

I’m still having major issues with my flex settings.

In the video below you will see that anytime I change a flex setting in the style panel is reverting to the inline setting and the centering message in the spacing settings instead of the flex settings options. I then have to click multiple times on the flex icon to get the flex settings to come back. Rinse and repeat.

I also still can not add anything in my flex child settings as I mentioned yesterday.

Hey @dapitts08,

Dustan here, an engineer at Webflow. When watching your video I can’t tell what element is selected. That is usually indicative of being in what we call a “hanging ephemeral state”. The workaround for the moment should be to just drag up on the margin control which should force the current style changeset to commit.

I’m trying to reproduce this locally right now, though if you could provide a read-only link to your site and what styles you were editing just before that video that would be very helpful.

thanks @iamdustan.

I think you are right about the “hanging ephemeral state”. I did some more troubleshooting earlier with some folks in the beta navigator slack and we have narrowed down that the issue is project specific and only happening with a collection list.

I tried the margin trick you mentioned. It seemed to work for being able to set flexbox but the flex child settings are still clearing themselves out.

here is my read-only link:

the issue is on the wish stories template and the read more wishes section. i’m trying to add flex child settings to the moreWishes__item

edit: maybe it took a minute for the flex child to reset from the “hanging ephemeral state” but i seem to be able to add the settings now. thanks!!!

edit: nevermind. i went back to make changes to the flex child settings again and the problem came back. so it seems to have been temporary.

edit: i made a new loom with audio specifically about the flex-child issue. hopefully this helps.

also it looks like the settings are actually being added to the flex-child but just not showing up in the dialog box. i also added margin to the flex children and it was actually added but the centering message persisted. so it seems the issue is the centering message hanging and i’m not sure how to clear it for the flex child since using the margin controls isn’t clearing it out.

Good news, @dapitts08. We’ve triaged it down to not being a hanging ephemeral update (so that margin trick won’t actually do anything). There are some major changes underway to lay the groundwork for some new features later this year that have caused a subtle bug in looking up collection item nodes. We should have a fix out for this case sometime today.

Thank you so much for reaching out!

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awesome. thanks for the quick response and update!

looking forward to the new features later this year as well :slight_smile:

Hey @dapitts08,

The fix should be deployed. If you do a hard refresh of the Designer you should be able to style that CMS Collection Item element again.


you rock! everything seems to be working perfectly now. thanks!!!

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