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Is Webflow Still Actively Developed?

Howdy y’all. I have a little marketing firm and am testing some systems to use as our main campaign platform. Loving the Webflow editor and functionality, but am curious to know if it’s still under active development. Just looking around the site, I see that the company blog hasn’t been updated since August and I’m not sure where to look for new features and updates.

Maybe there’s a change log I don’t know about?

If anyone from headquarters reads these and could give a wave and a “we are still alive and well!” that would be awesome! :smile:

I LOVE paying for great tools, but I’ve just bought into too many startups that wound up going bye-bye shortly after getting on board. If y’all are planning to be around for a good year or so more that’d be enough for me to whip out my credit card and dive in. This looks like an awesome platform!

Cheers and thanks for any info…

PS: What’s the deal with public/private websites? Is that mandatory? I make landing pages for all kinds of clients, and I have no interest in publishing a running portfolio of any kind.

Hey @teej
I’m not from Webflow staff, just a happy client.

Can vouch that updates and developments to the platform itself are still definitely underway - in particular I’m looking forward to what 2015 holds and what developments are released to further improve the functionality. Whilst still a rookie myself, it is a great platform!

Regarding the public/private, there is the option (as below) to develop sites and not have them displayed on the Webflow Discover page or public profile. Hope this helps.


@domin8tor Thanks for the reply! Sorry for all the weird quotes of your post. I have a nervous habit of highlighting text on webpages while I’m reading. Haha, this is the first time it’s bit me in the rear! At the very least, I’ll visit this forum to help break that habit. :slight_smile:

@teej no worries mate! Worse things have happened.

Best of luck with it all.


Webflow is very actively developed. In fact, there was an email that went out last week explaining that a huge update is coming in 2015. Us users speculate this could be a revolutionary dynamic content engine or CMS type functionality. Webflow has a lot of funding and was featured in forbes magazine. I do not think they are going anywhere. It’s a pretty safe bet to go for it.

As far as the public/private sites, you can leave yours private and it will only be visible in your account. It’s a new way of sharing the behind the scenes design of any sites to increase the awareness of the platform and what can be done within it.

Let me know if you need any design work as I have been using webflow since it’s launch a year and a half ago. You can check out some of my work at

Good Luck!

just log in to your account and look at all the wonderful things the dev team over at WF has done thus far!

also look at all the announcements they have made!


Hi @teej,
Here a happy customer too. Maybe some pro’s and cons depending on your level of expertise.

If you want to make visually attractive websites, Webflow (WF) is what you need.

If you want to make visually attractive websites with some basis functionality (forms, interactions, like buttons); some programming skills come in handy. WF is what you need.

If you use WF as a design tool for your own backend, and you have the coding power and skills, WF is what you need.

In all of the other situations, choose another solution. WF is not for anything dynamic out-of-the-box. WF is not for CMS functionality, nor anything else, yet.

As mentioned, the last WF update from 31st of December had quite a promise. So you can expect something to happen soon.

It would be nice if @thesergie or anybody else with the knowledge, can confirm or point out in what direction that updates are going. Or, at what time they will take place. That seems fair to the users waiting a good 3 months for “the advanced” functionality. Personally, I’m at the point that I have to chose what to do for more functionality in my projects. Stay and wait a bit longer for WF or find a solution (and invest heavily in time) to learn something new.

Good luck with your decision! (By the way, the free plan allows for more sites now. That shouldn’t hold you back to try right? :slight_smile:

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Agree would be nice if @thesergie or @callmevlad could provide an update on the CMS. It’s been a long time without any updates and similar to @Diu I can’t decide at the moment whether to hang on, or move (probably to Wordpress). Would be nice to know which quarter they hope it’ll land in at least.

It’s hard to give release dates. As you’ve noticed i’ve been way off base on that many times. :smile: Know that we’re working really hard over here. Thanks for your support and patience. :blush: