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Is webflow fully compatible with Shopify

Hey there,
I’m considering dropshipping with Webflow to design the page but then converting the Webflow code to Shopify. Would doing this still allow me to import products on my Shopify store from AliExpress while preserving the code from Webflow?
Would it also be possible for me to switch between Webflow and Shopify, so could I make an adjustment to my website on Webflow, then copy that code to my Shopify store so it appears on the Shopify store too?

Basically, would you recommend that I use Webflow to design the website and then convert the code into Shopify to run a dropshipping business? Would I still have all the functionality or would it be too time consuming and not worth it?

Thank you,
All input and advice is extremely appreciated!

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Hi !

You can use Shopify then embed your products in you Webflow website.

Is would be great to only use Webflow, but seems they are developing functionalities one-by-one … maybe it will be possible in the future :cold_sweat:

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Thank you,
I’ll take a look at it now.
I really appreciate your help.

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