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Should I use Webflow for dropshipping?

Hey there,
I’m heavily considering getting Webflow for dropshipping. I’ve read in some places which say that Webflow isn’t compatible with dropshipping but however, that it is possible to convert Weblow coding to a shopify store and then go on from there.

I’m curious on what other users would recommend and if so, would anyone care to express their emotions and experiences using Webflow.
Also would you recommend that I convert Webflow coding to Shopify (considering that I don’t know much about coding)?

Thank you, all input and advice is extremely appreciated.

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theoretically its possible bro.

i’m more worried about the awesome webflow community get infected by these shady dropshipping people…

i know dropshipping is just a logistic model for not holding any inventory, but if a lot of these folks out there that get into this business model are selling total crap to people with shady marketing methods and a customer services thats sucks…

webflow is about making the internet a better place - in any way.

so theoretically you can use webflow for dropshipping - why not?
but i highly suggest you to focus on building a quality band with long term goals and a great customer experiences.

wish you all the best in your business and great success. :v:


Thank you!
I fully understand what you mean.
Many people enter dropshipping to “get rich quick” not really caring about the user and their experience.
I am going to start a brand however I don’t know what to sell yet and how to be honest. I see dropshipping as a way solely to validate if a product is worth selling. I have a lot to learn, dropshipping however for me is not something I plan on doing for ever. I only want to dropship to accumulate more capital and then start a brand rather than selling what’s seen in the industry as “dodgy goods”. I have nothing against dropshipping except for some people’s disregards for the user.
Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback!

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Also could you elaborate if you don’t mind or if you aren’t busy.
I now know that it is possible and that it can be done.
But how do I actually do it?

You could run an ecommerce store with all products you want to “ship” (the role of webflow ends here) and then either manually pass those orders through to your supplier or automate the passing of incoming orders via API to your supplier.

You might want to research if there is a way to pass a webflow order to a next stage with something like zapier.

If you’re going for your own backend to process the webflow store’s incoming order, you could have your backend talk to the supplier API and take full control over what data is passed. But since you’re asking IF it’s possible, I’m guessing that is not really an option for you.


you are very welcome.

yes ozone said it - you can use different types of automation software to forward your orders with the customer data to your supplier - its a bit more complicated than simply using shopify + oberlo but its possible.

if you work with a privat supplier you can just hand him out an google sheet every day or something like that.


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