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Webflow account plan payment

Hey, I was trying to make the payment of monthly lite plan 24$ and somehow it deducted the charges of yearly package i.e, 192$… Please, Is it possible to get my money back from the webflow support…
I don’t want the yearly plan now I just want the monthly plan…

Please can anyone help me with this? Is it possible to get the amount back?

Send a mail to

I already did
But they are not replying

Any other solution? Is it possible to get my money back?

Hey how long ago did you email support?


Can u DM me ur account email?!

I’ll have a colleague look.

Please help me out

It’s been one whole day…

Their probably looking at your problem hope you get it resolved

Webflow support will normaly answer with in 24-48 H
The rule is “First come First serve”

Webflow have hired more staff but they need some time to get up to speed.
They have a backlog for the moment and need to catch-up on it.
They questions will be answered, just a delay at moment.

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