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Is this possible in webflow

I am looking to quote or present a proposal for a site redesign. Most of the site is very straightforward. But there seems to be a custom paypal form. Is it possible to replicate this in webflow? And are there any other limitations security issues I should be aware of before I submit a proposal. Obviously i’m better off not quoting if it is something that can’t be achieved in webflow as they seem to be looking for an all in one solution.

The current site is in wordpress however which makes me think. It is just some custom form that could be duplicated. I have looked through the html code and it seems to be a form with hidden elements.

Any ideas??

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If I’m not wrong you can place the existing form in a custom code component and it will work the same.

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thanks Sam I will test the theory. Are there any security issues with this or is it all being down through paypal anyway?
It seems to work flawlessly just needs to be styled

No, security will be exactly the same. The original page isn’t even on SSL - you can sell them SSL as Webflow has it on beta.

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man webflow makes some things almost too easy

You only may have to style the form manually (if you know a bit of CSS).

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