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Square Payment API

I trying to setup Square’s eCommerce API using webflow. This involves adding the form in HTML (done) but also Implementing the SqPaymentForm object via .js.

Someone, please HELP!!

The guide I’m following can be found below.

Hey there,

Did you get this payment API implemented okay?

No sir, I did not. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Definitely send a message directly to support on this. We’re using their servers, there may be some restrictions. Like this from the Square page you posted:

Your eCommerce site is hosted on a system that supports server-side processing for HTML forms (e.g., PHP, Ruby, ASP, Java pages). Hosting solutions that only support HTML pages cannot use SqPaymentForm to process payments.

Hey guys, looking to implement the square api, did you have any luck, or can you not use it on webflow?Thanks,

It is impossible to use Square on Webflow.

Per their documentation:

Thanks for the quick reply Sam!
Will go to plan B!

What’s the scoop with this, a year later? What does your quote mean, Sam? Does webflow not support server-side processing?

I must be looking at the basic question too narrowly - I want to know if I can build a site with webflow, and use Square as an online payment gateway. Seems like the answer is still no?

That is correct, it does not. So its a dead end.

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Hi all.
Foxy has a seamless integration with Webflow and supports Square (in addition to 100+ other gateways). More info can be found here:

We offer an unlimited free trial and free one-on-one onboarding. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way.