Is this possible in Webflow? Location specific slider

I am redesigning a site for a local wing restaurant. It’s very important to the clients that they be able to serve slides to the users on the homepage depending on what homestore they have selected. Basically what is already in place here.

I’ve tried to wrap my head around how that might be accomplished with webflow. Even if I need to hire a custom developer to set it up (that would be fine) is this something that the webflow CMS could power afterwords, or would I have to do something like export the code to wordpress and try to get it to work there?

I really want to keep everything on webflow if possible, even if that means getting some custom code set up.

If you have a dropdown box on your homepage, and have set up a location template with dynamic slider (search forum), then we can use JS cookies to save users preference and redirect them to the location page if they land on the homepage.

That makes sense to me. Thanks Sam!