Webflow specific Search

Hello everybody!
Are any ideas about how to implement something like this https://locations.bk.com/search.html in Webflow? May be with using custom code? Is it real with Webflow?
Need to build Locations collection

  • List All Locations on “All Locations” page
  • List all locations on map and make it zoomable
  • build static map from address on single location page
  • Custom Icons on map layout
  • Make icons “drop” animate on load
  • Use numbered icons that match numbers in collection

Might I suggest using something like storerocket.io? I use it on a couple of websites and it’s incredibly easy to embed/update/manage, and the guy who runs it is incredibly helpful as well. It should be able to do most, if not all, of what you are asking for!

Thanks! It is interesting decision. I’ll think about it.