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So I’m fairly new to webflow and am mainly just trying to see if what I want to accomplish will take custom code or if it can be done using the webflow CMS.

I’m making a website for a local restaurant which has multiple locations. Depending on the location, they may want to display different content on the “Home screen” slider. So if you’ve selected store A the slider will include information for “Trivia Night” and “Kids Eat Free” but if you’ve selected your home store to be store B the slider should only display " Kids eat free" because store B does not have trivia night.

Is something like this possible to set up?

I don’t expect anyone to walk me through step by step, just want to make sure I’m not barking up the wrong tree.

The users can select their “home store” with a drop down or something similar. I’m not necessarily trying to use geolocation or anything.

My mind is thinking that you would set up a collection of promotional images to feed the slide. Then you would need to set up the slide to display promotional images from the collection based on certain reference tags.

For instance image “Open late” would be tagged with “all stores” and “trivia night” would be tagged with “Store A” Store C" but not store B.

Then store A and C will have “Open Late” and “Trivia Night” images in their slider and Store B will only have “Open Late”. I assume I would need to redirect the user to a separate home page for each store location instead of just switching out the slider content which seems not so great…

Thanks for reading and any help is much appreciated!

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