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CMS Collection - Posts - Linking to each other

Hi. Say, for example, I have 30 posts under 3 different categories (breakfast, lunch and dinner for example) on my website. If I wanted to link from one post (under the category breakfast) to another post (under lunch) and another post (under dinner) can I do this at the end of the post with just a button link block? I don’t want it to go to general posts under one category but a specific post and each post will have their own specific posts to reference. Can I link to a specific post with the custom url and, if so, how do I do this? Thank you for your help!


You could do this by just specifying the exact link you want that page to go to? Since every item you add to the CMS has a unique URL, could you just get that URL and add it into a link field on your CMS collection?

So the collection has 3 URL fields on it, and each post you can declare where you want it to go.

No way to create Bind and Connection without any rules (The Code can not “guess” what you trying to do).


You can collection list by category (reference field) Equals to current(or “Does not”)

Like this post with category “dinner” shows only related posts from this category. This trick also works for a multi-reference field ("contain")

image .

Follow the university-CMS to get more ideas:


What do all these posts have in common? (Author, tag, date, color etc.). No way to answer without more details.


Also add more details.

[1]-Set link to auto (“current”)

Or to [2]reference -or- create a [3]custom link (Use URL field) and for each item use the value of the field as URL (Less dynamic)

Thank you. Following this, if I use a collection list as thumbnail images, do I need to specify so it goes to the top of the page? It goes to the right page currently, however, half way down the page not at the top. How do I tell it to go to top?

Please add an example/URL. What do you mean “goes to the top of the page” - you talk about anchor links?

Currently I have a blog post that once you read to the bottom, it has 4 other relevant posts in a collection list… when I click on any of these links it takes me to the correct post, however, not at the top of the post but towards the end of the post. Do I need to add an anchor link to each collection list so that it views from top of post rather than just linking to half way down post? I don’t need it to link to a specific section - just when you click to view another post it takes viewers to the top of the page where the post begins and not just the middle of the post. Sorry I hope this makes more sense.

Live url? + Screenshot maybe. Its hard to understand like this, sorry.