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Is there no way to change product descriptions?


I’d like to change product descriptions for each different product. Any change to one product is persisting across to the next description.

Effectively I’d like to ‘unlink’ the layers so I can adapt as needed.

Here is my public share link:

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Hi Craig,

You’ve shared your published link - that is not that same as your public share link. Please follow these steps so that someone has a better chance of helping you :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve updated with the right link now!

Have you linked up each child element within the CMS Collection Wrapper correctly? Here’s an example: if I select the description element Paragraph and navigate to the settings on the right, I ensure the following setting is ticked and linked to the CMS “Description” field:


That then causes this to happen:

And when I navigate to an alternative product, the correct description is being used because that element is tied to the correct CMS field.

Was this what you were hoping to achieve?

Hi @Andy_Vaughan

Thanks for taking the time to help!

So that’s great for the short description of the product near the buy CTA. I can click on the ‘inner text settings’ and link that with the description field for each product.

I’m hoping to flesh out the longer description though which is another rich text field. When I try to apply the same logic there are no fields to choose.

Screenshots attached.

Any suggestions on how to fix that?


No problem buddy,

I’ve taken a look and annoyingly, I don’t think I can access what I need to via a read-only link. So at this time I can only guess.

Is it because you currently have no Rich Text Field options within the Product Settings? At the moment from what I can see all of your text fields are plain text. I’ve just tried inserting a plain text field next to your product description and can link it to all of the relevant plain text fields available in the CMS/E-Commerce Settings:

So at the moment, your available fields look like this:

Try adding a “Long Description” rich text field option in the settings and seeing if you can link that to your product description?


That’s done it! Great advice, thanking you kindly sir :slight_smile:

Makes a lot of sense once you explained it.

Thanks again


Excellent, glad that worked for you! :slight_smile:

Happy Webflowing :webflow_heart:

i remember a while back i had a similar problem and never asked. regret i didn’t as this is the perfect answer. i’m generally searching for info for my salads project. thanks Andy, i really appreciate. can i ask you some questions in future if i would have any? thanks

You’re welcome @Thavent ! And yes of course - I’d always urge you to create a public post though as this community is full of experience and insight. Always welcome to tag me in for my contribution of course. Feel free to message me though if you prefer not to do that!