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Change A product description when your change variants?

Hi all-

I am making an ecommerce page for a client and am running into a roadblock I think. They want a text field to change for each variant. For example, the page I tried to share was for 1.5g moon rocks. There are 5 effects, 1 variant for each. When you change the variant from the dropdown the picture changes, but there seems to be no way for me to add another field to automatically update the text i would want to have embedded for each variant. Any way around this? Most of the products I have have the same variants so this would be repeated for almost all my products in the Flower category. Let me know, thanks!!

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Having the same exact issue…
Webflow will need to remove the “description” field from the Basic info section and add it to the Variant section of a product.
Its is one of those things that makes me wonder…
what were they thinking? :man_facepalming: