Is there anyway to change the base breakpoint?

I built a webflow site and just realized that I didn’t build it the base breakpoint.

Is there any easy way to salvage this or will I have to rebuild it in the main base breakpoint?

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hi @Faiz and welcome to forum, the answer is yes. I will recommend to visit WF Universityto get familiar how to work in this platform.

It is like with everything else, read manual before use. :wink:

Here is article you should read.

There is no auto process for this. You would need to manually apply whatever CSS styles you want the base breakpoint to have and those will cascade up and down unless a a different breakpoint overrides it.

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There is not explained how to change the Base-breakpoint

Hi @filipaldi there is no way to change “base” brake-point in WF natively and I do not see reason why I will ever want it. You can use custom media queries add extra breakpoints to WF breakpoints if you need but on other side in 95% projects you will be fine with breakpoints what WF offer.