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Can I change my base breakpoint to be tablet?

I’m building a website and began by building at the tablet breakpoint. I now need to go fix the desktop breakpoint, because no styles have been applied. The problem is, the styles I’m applying to the desktop breakpoint are overriding the styles of the tablet breakpoint. Is there any way I can change my base breakpoint to be tablet?

Alternatively, can I use custom code to make it such that the styles applied at the tablet level cascade ‘up’ to all higher breakpoints?


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Unfortunately there isn’t anyway to override the way breakpoints work in Webflow, so you should always style your base breakpoint first and only edit the other breakpoints when a change at that size needs to happen.

The Webflow team is currently planning on how to approach custom breakpoints (here’s the wishlist item) so it’s possible that when those are introduced you may be able to determine whether you want to have a desktop or mobile first approach, however I can’t say for sure how this feature would work upon release.

Since the development team doesn’t normally provide concrete dates on releases, you’ll just have to keep an eye out for any news either here in the community or at the end of their “What we’ve been shipping” blog posts.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help in your current situation, but hopefully that gives you a bit more information for future projects :webflow_heart:

Yes, you are right; it’s not possible to change the breakpoints. The Webflow has so many nice features but, this is really a headache. Webflow is planning to do so in the near future.

Shouldn’t custom code media queries be able to achieve a temporary solution? It seems bizarre that there’s no workaround… Nonetheless, thank you for the reply

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Custom code media queries can definitely allow you to add breakpoints but it’s not a graceful solution and doesn’t change how styles cascade through the breakpoints already defined in Webflow.