Is there a way to semantically create a <button> using the drag and drop tools instead of custom coding one?

I’ve noticed that the button from the drag and drop editor defaults to an anchor tag <a> instead of a <button>. To ensure proper markup and adhering to a11y practices, is there a way to make it a button instead for use cases where the button isn’t being used as a link and just create events?

Also, considering the use case above, is there a way to add an image/icon/svg into that button without using a link block as a container (if I am able to use the button tag)?

If you can, share your read-only link. It helps community members understand your issue.
Also, webflow has a element. Just view this post from Webflow University

Hi, thanks for your response. The site im working on is private so here is an old project link with just a regular button added in from Webflows “elements” panel.

If you click inspect on the “button” you will see it is an anchor tag <a></a> instead of a <button></button>.

I plan on using this button with interactions/events instead of using it as a link. Semantically it is incorrect to use the anchor tag in instances like this.

There is no build-in element for that but you can embed HTML using the Embed Element.

    justify-content: center;
    align-items: center;
<button type="button" class='btn'>
   <img src=''>
   <span>Click Me!</span>

Tip: You can style this button in webflow. For that just insert the div or button element in webflow designer and style that after that apply that class to that button.


Ah ok, thanks. Wasn’t sure if their button was configured in a way to change but I guess not. Thank you for confirming. Much appreciated.

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Not seeing how to mark as solution here sorry. Liked it though. If you have any instructions on how to do so, that would be appreciated. Thanks
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Yes, @Muhammad_Dilshad is correct. I misunderstood your query.
There is a wishlist item on creating a <button> block. But not much else from the Webflow Team on making this a possibility as shown in this thread.
Thanks again for jumping in on this :+1:.