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Adding an actual <button> tag

Hi all,

Is there a way to add an actual button element in a website without using a custom code embed?
I’ve seen this thread asking about it but it was closed after the mention that buttons need to go inside a form, but as far as I can see that’s just an arbitrary limitation.

I don’t really understand why this isn’t available; buttons have valid uses besides just submitting a form, and separate from that of a link. Opening a modal is one, or just generally triggering something on the page without navigating away from it. They’re not only more semantically correct but also come with accessibility enhancements that make them preferable to links in many cases, especially when you’re trying to make something that behaves, well, like a button and not a link.

Does anyone have pointers on how to use buttons in webflow? Cheers!


Just a bump, is there no way to do anything about this?

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I’m also interested in using <button> element. Did you find a solution? It looks like Webflow won’t support it.