Accessibility issues with "button" element

I am trying to create accessible tabs in Webflow following the semantic markup as recommended here, here, here, and here.

However, Webflow uses custom link styling for “buttons”. As far as I can tell, there is no way to add a true <button> in Webflow outside of a form, or to change an element’s tag to <button>. Since <a> and <button> are treated differently by screen readers and keyboard navigation, this means that I can not create tabs that adhere to the WCA guidelines in Webflow.

On searching the forum, I found multiple posts about this issue. The only one which received a response was from 2014, where a Webflow representative incorrectly insisted that <button> cannot be used outside of a form. All of the more recent topics have been ignored or closed without a response. I am a new user currently considering purchasing a plan, and it doesn’t leave a good impression when the first issue I have with the service goes repeatedly unacknowledged. I would expect better communication with customers, especially at this price point.


Really glad I found this post - I have been searching for others talking about it and am surprised by the lack of discussion. This is quite a big concern of mine as well, and I am unsure how best to bandaid it currently. Hope they will add this tag soon.

I hope since Webflow recently started moving into the accessibility direction we will get some much needed improvements on that front.

Just adding a “true” button component while keeping the current as a “button link” or whatever would be awesome.

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