Is there a way to implement 410 Status Code?

Hey everyone!
Since I have a huge amount of 404-Sites, that are no mistakes but really removed, I would like to give them the “410 - gone” status code.
I couldn’t find a way to do so… does anyone of you know, if and how this is possible in Webflow?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I don’t have an answer for 410, but why not use 301s to efficiently redirect such URLs to a specific page? Page where you could write a big 410 on it if you like…

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Because we want the Sitelinks from Google to be there never again. 301 Redirect doesn’t archive that, only 410. For example if there was a “Downloads” page on the old website, Google will show a non-existing sitelink on the Search Results. We need to kill this link in order for Google to throw it out of their system, which is not possible with 404, 301, but only 410!

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If for 2022 we have this option ?

Still not available in 2022, vote for it on the Wishlist

Not having the ability to serve status 410 can really kill SEO for an ECommerce website. For example, I manage an artist’s online store in Webflow. My client introduces Planters as a category, they don’t sell very well so she wants to remove them from her site. My only option is to have the page 404 (bad for SEO) or I could 301 redirect it to a different page. If my planter category is gone from the website, where would I redirect this to? Paintings? There is no logical place I could redirect someone looking for planters when planters are no longer being sold on the website. Not to mention this creates misleading and confusing search results which I can do literally nothing about without 410.

Sometimes status 410 is needed, particularly for SEO, please make this possible!

According to Google, there is virtually no difference between 410’s v. 404’s in speed of removal or pagerank impacts.

301’s are generally a much better approach any time you’re removing a page.
Here’s why;

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