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404 redirects as a 301

Hey there!

I’m using for managing my onpage stuff and there’s a real time page-checker that always gives me the following error:

Fix the status code of your 404 pages

which is explained as:

It seems like your 404 pages do not respond correctly with a 404 Status Code. We have accessed a random page and the server responded with the Status Code 301.
Status Code: 301
_(Random) Tested URL: _
The random page redirects to:

I know the 404-handling from other systems where you get redirected to a /404 URL. How comes, this doesn’t work in Webflow? Or does it? Did I maybe set up my 404 wrong?
Is there anyone else having this issue with and knows how to solve it :smiley: ?

Thanks everybody!


Not sure what your tool is complaining about, but we redirect all URLs that end in / to the URL variant that does not have the /. We chomp off the last slash and serve the cleaner URLs to users.

And since isn’t a valid URL for your site, it responds with a proper 404 error code.

I think your tool is confused :confused: