Getting a 200 status code on a /404 page

Hey! I’m getting a 200 status code when going to a /404 page. It seems to be working when I actually type in a non-existent URL (like but going directly to Not Found will give a status code of 200, which seems to be causing problems in SEO.

Any suggestions?

Here are the screenshots:

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hi @Kaja_Osojnik why you would like to get 404 error on successfully connected and rendered “404” page? .

404 page is just another page client is redirected into instead watching blank screen and API error message in console.

When you try access any page that doesn’t exist eg.(kjh) API will produce 404 error and will redirect to 404 page. So you see 404 status for non existent or matching URL.

When you directly manually access to “404” page in URL you will get 200 status because you are successfully connected to standard page that has informational content that page that client have tried connect to (kjh) doesn’t exist. It is the same way if you redirect to home page or any other page instead.

So what SEO issues you are talking about?