Image or background video in collection list


I´m working on a portfolio site that is built on dynamic pages, within these I have a grid with different div blocks, I would like to be able to fill these with dynamic content and then be able to choose whether the div block should contain an image or a background video, my question is if this is possible and if anyone knows a reference ?



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You could include an absolutely positioned div within the grid cell that can contains the background image and then use conditions to only display it if the item has that background image field populated with content. If no image is used, it will hide itself and show the background video that is below :+1:

Thanks for reply, any ideas how I structure the settings for the collection list?

I have seen some examples of how to get around background videos in cms for example this one Creating CMS powered Background Videos in Webflow

Do I understand it correctly then that it can be possible with different input fields
-with image
-with background video

and then put a condition on these?

Yep, that reference should work. Just make sure you have an image field for the fallback and then set the condition on that div displaying the background image.