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I’m currently designing a page with background videos from CMS Collections. Since you can’t upload videos as assets in Webflow I’ve used a common workaround I found online.

The method I’m using is this:

  1. Upload the videos as background videos to a page that’s not linked to the rest of the rest of the website.
  2. Get the URL from the uploaded video.
  3. Copy the URL into a text field in the CMS
  4. Embed the video like this:
<video><source src="CMS TEXT FIELD" type="video/mp4"></video>

So far so good. But my question is this:
What is the best way to get the URL? It of course need to be static, because if it changes the link breaks.

So far I’ve found used two methods:

  1. Click the little link icon after uploading the video:

This method is by far the easiest for my client to do themselves.

  1. Publish the video collection site then use the inspect tool to find the video link.

The first method gives me a link starting with « (…)»
The second starts with: « (…)».

So far both links seem to be working.

Does anyone have any input on what’s the best / most reliable way to do this?

Hi MarteTeigen,

To understand, you’re asking for the most reliable workaround to hosting videos inside of Webflow? If you continue to use the methods you’re listing here, I would assume that the second method would be more reliable for consistent links to your videos. However, I wouldn’t recommend this as I’m not sure how Webflow feels about people using this workaround. I would personally recommend purchasing hosting and linking it to a subdomain and uploading your videos there. This would allow you to continue to use Webflow CMS and all of the other features that come along with Webflow-hosted sites and have your own proper hosting for the video files.

Hope this helps!

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I actually came to the same conclusion, and got a Vimeo Pro subscription, which solves this perfectly :slight_smile:

For anyone else stumbling over this issue: With Vimeo Pro or higher you can get links that work with HTML5. Go to advanced settings for you video and chose “distribution”. Here you can copy a link in the resolution you want.


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