Is there a still a staging site function?


I’m new to WebFlow having worked almost exclusively with WordPress for years (not sure if I need to apologise for that, or not).

A friend has a WebFlow account and a website on the CMS plan, but has run into problems she wants me to help with.

I’m working my way through documentation before getting stuck in and I’ve seen mention of a staging site on a subdomain, but we don’t have one showing in settings, and when I have tried to add it, I get an error message.

Does WebFlow still offer a staging site facility so I can publish any updates and changes to that, for the client to see and approve, before pushing them to live?

I appreciate how difficult it is to keep a document library updated, so please do not hear any criticism in this post. I’m just hoping someone can save me time if I’m looking for something that no longer exists!

I appreciate your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The feature still exists, when you click on the publish dropdown you should see 2 or more domains, can you screenshot what you see?

In the top-right of the designer, you’ll see a Publish button;
Once you’ve clicked the blue publish button, it will always update your staging site.

Then you can click the little link next to it to view it.


And that’s not embarrassing at all…it’s on the list.
I am pink cheeked with shame for not spotting it.
Thank you for coming back to me.