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Staging while maintaining a live site?

I’ve seen this discussed in the forum already, but I don’t believe from this perspective:

I have a client site that I host through Webflow. So, two things–

  1. They’d like to be able to preview CMS created posts before they publish. Is this possible outside of designer?

  2. If I’m making updates to the site and my client happens to publish a post, all my edits I’m in the middle of working on go live as well.

Is there a way to set up a staging site on a subdomain or something that will let us both test updates without affecting the live site? My client does not have the option to publish to the webflow staging subdomain from the editor.


Has anyone had any successful experiences with something like this?

Hi @pritchettnick - For what it’s worth… you could create pages that are not linked to or accessible via the live site and just share the url with the client. Only you and the client will know about these pages! You could even password protect these pages I guess… just an idea! This is what I’ve done in the past. Regards Kai :slight_smile:

Thanks @Keejo! That’s def a good idea in certain scenarios!

Other times that won’t be doable. My experience has been in the past that I’m making edits to the homepage (or another major page) and the client will publish a post and all my “not done yet work” goes live. womp womp

Also, my client would like to preview their posts before they go live too.

My pleasure! SORRY! I maybe didn’t read your post properly! I normally make sure to email or call the client before making changes so they are aware not to publish the site until I give the go ahead.

Can the client not log in and see the general preview in Webflow Designer before publishing a post? Regards Kai

No worries, @Keejo. Unfortunately, on my Webflow plan, I can only assign collaborators. So, they can only work within Editor, not Designer.

Ahhh! Sorry again! I forget about that! I always build sites in a new account, owned by the client so they can log in properly to the designer. Soz to waste your time! :blush:

Again, no worries. It’s always good to talk through things out loud. =]

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:smile: - Agreed! I hope someone can help you! All the best!

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