Changing Publish default to be just staging

Why is the default when you click Publish to push the whole site Live! Surely the idea of pushing a site Live should be explicit.

Is there a way of changing the defaults so that only the domain is selected?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

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Nope, not at this time. Maybe sometime in the future if we are lucky.

As you can probably guess I just published a WIP site to Live!

Well, something insane happened to me, it is half related to this. For sure we need better publish control.
What happened to me is that I was publishing only on staging while I was working and in one moment in middle of publish, webflow just broke and show me that error screen, like “something went wrong, etc”… And when I refreshed page, website was published live on production domain also.

What would be nice to have is like double confirmation when you are about to publish changes live.
One more thing that should be good is control of accounts who can publish live, so I can set only one account to be able to publish live, and then I wont be afraid while working on staging…