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Is the backup restore function restoring the collection items too?

I can’t find an answer to this simple question. I’m working on a project where I do all the building and my client is doing the content filling, mostly in the Collection CMS. I have to revert to a version of almost 1 month ago. Will the collections be maintained as-is? Or will they reflect the same date as well. I don’t want all that content to be lost.
I tested the content with the preview button and it seemed there were exactly the same amount of entries in the Collection and also in the webshop items.
But now when I click on the restore function of that date, I receive a message saying: “Restoring will change some of your collection IDs, which may break integrations that rely on the CMS API.”. There is also an option to “Include inventory levels”.
So basically the question here is: can I perform a restore and keep all Collection items?

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Bump - I also need to know this. Having endless issues with clients publishing content while were working on site updates.

Ok, so I just went ahead with restoring my site back to this version of more than a month ago. And it looks like all the Collection items are being kept. So all of my css changes and content in pages (images and text) are restored, while the products and the CMS items are still all there.
So the content that is directly made in pages is lost, but the collection remained.