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When restoring an old backup (2 months ago), will new backups (made yesterday) be deleted?

I have completed a redesign project, but it got paused just before publishing it to the main domain. Now people would need to update some content on the old design.

So I’m wondering, if I make a backup now with the new design, and then restore a backup from the old design - will I be able to restore the new design’s backup in a month or so? I’m not sure if available backups are rolled back to the backup date as well…


I had an issues with setting back and backup once in the backup it removed all the conditional visibility rules what destroyed the complete website…

This was a webflow bug but support couldnt help and fix it.
Had to manual add al the visibility rules again and now kinda scared of using the backup function of webflow

It happend like 3-4 times in the last 2-3 years to me and fellow colleagues with multiple webflow accounts and websites