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Encrypt E-Mail Address with Custom Code

Hey there,
I wondered if anyone has a solution for protecting e-mail addresses from spiders.

I would like to use a mailto-action but I would like to have it encrypted in the html code so that spiders cannot crawl the e-mail address from the website and send me marketing stuff or phishing mails.

I found a function here I can write into the <head> which I could use afterwords in an attribute to encrypt the mail.

But I cannot find a way to use the function in a link block. Are there any ideas towards that topic?
Thanks for your help!

Please find my read-only link here

I’m looking for the exact same thing. You can “obfuscate” E-Mail adresses in links, but not in link blocks (like svgs or icons etc.). Are there any updates on this?

Hey @davidk77,
sorry for the late response. My solution or rather workaround was a “Embed component”. To finally have the encrypted mail I did the following steps:

  1. Built the Element with Webflow as I wanted to have it (incl. Link Block)
  2. Use the developer mode of the browser to get the HTML code
  3. Create a “embed component” and use the code snipped for the encrypted email
  4. Replace the element from 1) with the embed component of 3)
    Does that help you?
    The read only link should work again. You can find the thing on the side “kontaktieren”.