Is it possible to use a form in exported HTML/CSS/JS code?

Hey everyone!

I made a website with a form in webflow that works great in webflow. When I export the code and publish that on an URL, the form doesn’t work anymore. It won’t send the filled in form to an email address.

Is there a way to make it work? I know a solution is to host the website on webflow. I want to but the company I work for is not sure yet if they want to use webflow for a long time. So if I host the website on webflow, and they decide to stop using webflow, the website will also no longer be online right? That’s why I wanted to export the code and just publish it on an URL.

Here you can see the form if you’re interested. (On the seperate URL)

Have you tried exporting the project with minified HTML export?

Go to your project, click on export, CTRL + O, and check the minified HTML.


Maybe something went wrong while exporting?

Hey @Eva_Reussien! On exported websites, forms will not work right out of the box as they’ll have to be connected to a third-party provider. See here:

You can see a list of third-party services here (though you can use whichever one you’d like, even if it’s not on this list):

I don’t have that option weirdly enough!

Thanks for the reply! Will look into this thank you!