Is it possible to redirect to a page based on form field selections?

My client has a form that’s going to have some radio buttons where their users can select their budget for a project.

We want to be able to redirect the users that select a higher budget to a Calendly page where they can immediately book an appointment.

Has anyone done something like this before? Is this possible to do with Make/Integromat?

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Hi there,

did you find a solution? I´m currently facing the exact same problem…

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tabea ,

You can using custom code.

The approach I’d recommend trying first is to have a script detect your radio button change, and then immediately update your form’s redirect URL appropriately. Then the form submit will happen naturally ( webflow’s handler, or logic’s ) and your form should naturally redirect to your designated URL after.

I haven’t tested this however. If Webflow doesn’t detect the URL change after their scripts are loaded then the plan B approach is to do the redirect manually when submit is clicked.