Forwarding Based On Form Selections

Is it possible to forward someone to a new page based on the form data they submitted?

For example I’m going to have some radio buttons on a form where the user can select a budget.

If they select a higher budget, I want to be able to forward them to a page where they can schedule a call.

IF they select a lower budget I just want them to see the success message.

Does anyone know if this is possible with code or a third party application?

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Hi @franzruggiero

You can definitely do this with custom Javascript code. Simply capture the form submit, check for the value selected, and redirect the browser.

I typically try to avoid the custom JS route and go with a no code glue service like Make instead. For this…

  1. Submit the form to Make (use Webhooks)
  2. Based upon the value selected
  3. Have a “Webhook response” module redirect the browser to the correct page

Number 2 was a left a bit nebulous. You could handle it in many different ways.

  1. Set each radio button to the url you want to redirect to and have your Make Webhook response module use that
  2. Have routes set up within Make that look for those values and just do it there
  3. etc…
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awesome I figured it could be done with JS but didn’t know where to start with that

I’ve used Make before so thank you for letting me know we can do it through Make

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@ChrisDrit I’m currently trying to set this up but I’m running into an issue

I’ve created my Webflow webhook and set the form to post and entered the Webhook URL as the form action - and everything runs correctly on the Make side with the redirect.

The issue is that Webflow is no longer collecting the form submission and forwarding the submission to the email address set up on Webflow forms.

Did I do something wrong here?

No, you didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s super unintuitive but if you populate a forms action field yourself, you bypass the built-in Webflow functionality of collecting form data (and popping off an email) for you.

Most people see this as a positive as they can bypass the restrictions this has (e.g. the limited amount of form submissions Webflow allows).

If you’d still like to forward the submission to the email address set up for your Webflow project, you can simply do it from Make (example: use an Email module).

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awesome thanks for your help!