Redirect users based on form submission variables

Hey everyone, I need help redirecting users based on the fields a user selects.

Here’s our page: Demo - Placeholder to test form

We want to set it up so that when a user selects the “0-75 employees” field in the Number of Employees dropdown, checks the “Whistleblower Hotline” checkbox, and submits the form, they get redirected to Otherwise, they get redirected to Can anyone help create that script?

Thank you!

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Hey Remi @Remi_Silva,

have you seen this thread asking a similar question? Let me know if this helps.

Hey Julian! Yup, I tried using the solution in there but it didn’t work for us :frowning_face:

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Hi @Remi_Silva :wave:

Personally I’d skip the script.

This may not be what your came here looking for, but here’s my approach…

Step 1:

Set yourself up with Make (Integromat). They have an ample free tier that gives you everything you need for this and if you ever outgrow it, then it costs you $9/mo.

Step 2:

Submit your form, with all of your options, checkboxes, drop downs, etc… directly to Make.

Create it as complex as you want, but once you submit that to Make, it becomes easy.

Step 3:

Once the form submission is up in Make, add a “router” module. You add conditions that matches “user selected 0-75 employees and checked the whistleblower hotline checkbox”.

When that condition is met, you tell Make where to redirect the user to.

Step 4:


If you’re unfamiliar with this, or just want a quick refresher, here’s a screencast walking through how to submit Webflow forms into Make (Integromat) and have it redirect to any page you want:

The only thing missing is the “router” module with all of the conditions it. But it’s simple once you get the hang of it :smile:

Hope that helps!