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Is it possible to recreate a sales page for a product and make it the home page?


My client sells a single product…it’s a journal.

I’ve created a sales page for a journal - Woohoo!

It’s a static page that uses stripe check out to sell the single product and doesn’t use webflow e-comm. Super streamlined and easy for the traffic we drive there.

Enter Facebook Ads.

Turns out Facebook Ads wants a cart, checkout and purchase events to optimise the ads and keep the costs down. Facebook doesn’t like this solution.

The plan is to move the page to it’s own domain and use webflow e-com.

I want to replicate the above static page so that the home page on the new site shows the sales page (product page) and the buy buttons go to checkout and I get all the good stuff that webflow e-comm provides.

The problem is I’m unable to add an ‘Add to Cart’ button to a static page and I’m unable to make the product template the home page.

Any ideas how I can do this?



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