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Is it possible to use a product page as an homepage?


I desperatly try to make my first ecommerce website. i’ll sell only one product wich is a service so I don’t need cart, quantity and shipping. So i would like users to click on a button in my homepage, or on my others “normal” pages to get simply redirect to the checkout page.

To achieve that at first my ideas was to:

  • make my product page to become my homepage and make all others “normal” pages as a product page
  • design the cart button to be as a call to action button
  • make a click event on that call to action button to redirect users on the checkout page
  • make a fix price on the checkout page and not letting users have the possibility to put more quantity

Then I just thought can I just on my homepage put a button with a link that redirect users on the checkout page? in that case how can I put a fix price?

I am not sure if what I need is possible with webflow and I wish to find a simplier/better way to do it…

Do you have any ideas?

thx :slight_smile:

Hey @ITryMyBest,

To change any page to your home page, simply navigate to your page settings and click on Make { Page } Your Homepage and hit Save

To answer your other questions, what checkout service are you using? To set a simple fixed price checkout, you may use Strip Checkout.

hi imtiazraqib and thx for your answer

it seems to not work because the product page is an ecommerce page

Finally the second option work. By simply manualy linking the call to action button to the checkout page it redirect the users to the checkout page^^.

Now my problem is how to set a fix price, on the checkout price, without users have t click on an “official” add to cart button? I use stripe

It is a bit tricky, but one Webflow user, @saravssantiago, managed to make the one-time payment checkout integration work and she has listed all the required steps for this to be recreated. You can find that article/tutorial here:

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it work great! Thank you so much!

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