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Transferring Content from a Normal Page to a Product Page

Hi -

I am fairly new to the webflow platform and have been doing pretty well self-navigating without any prior web design/coding background, however I have hit a wall.

I decided I want to have my services be al a cart, in which users can add certain solutions to their cart to build a custom package.

Fast forward, to me updating my site to e-commerce. Now, I would like to like the button’s from the page I created to perform the action ‘add to cart’ however I am getting an error message that I can not ‘add to cart’ except from the products page.

The products page template is blank. So my question: Is it possible to duplicate all contents from a page and transfer them to the products page so that I can utilize the ‘add to cart’ feature or am I out of luck?

Here is my site Read-Only: