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Is it possible to prevent webflow from automatically backing up my project?


Is it possible to prevent Webflow from making automatically making back ups?

I opened my project today and none of the work I did yesterday is correct. I know, you are asking what are you wanting to stop the auto backup? Well, it had been 24 hours since I opened the project, and what I saw was the site exactly link it was before I did many hours of styling pages. So, I went back to the backup list and tried to work my way through it to find the place where I left off and everything was looking great. I went through every one of those, which took hours, and Webflow continued to back up the site in it’s current, incorrect, state. This has created and almost never ending slew of backups. If I could turn the backup off, I would prevent it from backing up the incorrect site numerous times.

I copied the list of backups from the project settings and pasted it into a doc, so I could mark which ones I have checked as I went through them. (11 pages of them). I only copied the entries that I thought fit the date and time when I remember the site looking the way I wanted it. No luck getting it back to the way it was yesterday. But now, because it kept automatically creating backups, I have a ton of absolutely useless backups of something no one ever wants to use or see.

Is there a way to control/organize this process better so the auto backup does not keep saving the never usable site, cluttering up the project settings with pages of entries?

Thank you guys,