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Password Protection for CMS collection item

I want to put a password on a portfolio project that has an NDA but it seems that I’m only able to place it on the entire page. From what I researched it seems like this there isn’t an option to do this. Is that correct? If so is there a work around or do I have to use another platform which I really don’t want to.

Here is my public share link:

You can only password protect pages and collection templates not individual items. You could create another collection just for that project or move it to a static page.

What Jeff says. However this solution is super manual as you have to update the filter for each page. You can’t change filters for a symbol either. I tried this for 50 such pages and it was a bad experience.

Also consider memberstack or memberspace. Overkill for non member driven sites, but may be the go until Webflow punch this out.

wow thanks for the feedback

appreciate the insight. I’ll explore going the memberstack route with the template I have before I decide if it’s best to just cut my loss and use another platform. this is super frustrating. thank you for your help.