Is it possible to make a private (non-password) link to a password protected page?

I’m using Webflow for my portfolio site. My work is covered by NDA, so I can’t have it visible publicly. I’m wondering if it’s possible to provide recruiters/job applications with a direct (private) link that doesn’t require a password, while still keeping the page password protected from the general public.

Hi @melsp12,

you could prevent specific subpages of your website to be listed in search engines via a setting – therefore ‘hiding’ from the public – but a website can’t be shared but not shared at the same time.

You could protect it with a password and share that with the recruiters, maybe?


Hi @LeWolf

Thanks for the reply! I do currently have it password protected and am sharing the password in my resume/cover letter/applications, however I notice a huge drop off from my landing page, suggesting that people aren’t bothering using/looking for the password. That combined with the fact that many job application forms do not have a section to include a password along with the portfolio link, is leading to not a lot of job prospects.

Would it be feasible to keep the password protected side, and then just duplicate the portfolio and its sub-pages and hiding them and then providing that link in applications? It seems like an overly complicated work-around… I still want my website to be found by the public, just not the specific work.

Hi @melsp12,

theoretically, you could clone your portfolio – sure, but maybe there’s an easier solution.

How about putting the password in your resumee which you probably share with employers only anyway? Then putting a hint on the protected page saying “see password in resumee” or similar?

It might also be a good idea to indicate that the page on your website is protected so random users don’t get frustrated.
This seems to be more of a User-Experience issue, than a technical one.


@LeWolf I do currently have the password along with the hyperlink in the heading on all my relevant application docs (cover letter, resume, etc). I also have an indication on the button that specifies that it is password protected. I know recruiters have to sift through hundred of applicants, so trying to think of a way to eliminate the extra step of a password. In talking to acquaintances who work on the recruiting side, they mention that 9 times out of 10 they don’t even look at the submitted PDF resume, only the filled out application (where it makes you re-fill all the content from your resume), which comes back to my issue of having no section to include a password.

You can automate the login from the URL, by appending e.g. ?pass=your-password, if you add the following script to your Login page directly.

thank you! I’ll test that out- that seems to be exactly what i’m looking for

Welcome @melsp12 :wave:

Does your portfolio contain images, PDF files, or any external assets hosted with Webflow (asset manager, CMS, etc…)?

If so…

Those are all public regardless of a password protected page.

Thanks for the welcome.

Public in what sense? I don’t need encryption level privacy on the work, essentially I just can’t have the general public easily access the work through search engines or direct links.

If you upload anything into Webflow to be hosted, it’s publicly available via direct links, and search engines can (and many have reported they do) index them.

This is a solution to that problem, and describes it in more detail:

Hope that helps!