How to hide or blur images


Does anyone know if there’s a way to password-protect images on pages of your website?

I’m building my portfolio and it will make life very easy if there are any options to do this!

Webflow’s assets are hosted on a CDN and it’s not possible to password-protect them directly. However you can password-protect your pages, and that should make them unindexable as long as you do not share the links publicly. If you’re especially sensitive to that you might verify that with support first.

If you really need the images themselves to be secured you’ll want to consider an image hosting service that gives you the level of security you need. Even dropbox might work for you.

Hi @perfectpixels :wave: welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately not natively with Webflow.

You can password protect pages or gate pages behind memberships natively in Webflow, but all images will be public and anyone can access them and lot’s of people report those getting indexed by Google.

You’ll need to use a third party service that allows you to setup a password on file links.

The major services don’t really do a great job of this (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc…) because they require those who use the password to be signed up to their service.

What you need is a 3rd party that allows you to create a password on a file link, and anyone who knows that password can access it (but they don’t have to be signed up to that service).

Hope that helps!