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Is it possible to make a practical membership site with CMS collections?


My goal is to build a CMS site that features embedded to-do lists in each collection item. The end goal is a membership site with practical how-to guides. The to-dos will be premade and “just need to be completed”. There’s no need for more interactivity. Also, there could be any number of these to-dos per article.

Let me try to explain.

Here’s something I made real fast to illustrate the desired outcome:

As you can see, it is just a page with a rich text block at the top and then two premade to-dos. The problematic part is that the number of these to-dos could vary from 0 to 20 per collection item.

Is there a way to achieve something similar using CMS collections? Or should I look elsewhere?

hi @Koskinen,

this section may be useful to understand how works membership with a third parties :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:

The problem I am having is not necessarily about memberships. That I described just for context.

The question is more about is it possible to have any of the number of these to-do blocks in a CMS collection item? Probably using HTML code within the content block, am I right?

Let me know if I am being unclear.

Hi @Koskinen, thanks for the good post. I would probably recommend to create a ToDo’s collection that contains all ToDo’s that may exist.

Then create a multi-reference field in your main items collection and bind that to the ToDo’s collection.

Next you can select all ToDo’s for each main item in the main item editing.

On the main item collection template page, you can show all related ToDo’s by adding a collection list bound to the multi-referenced field and show all ToDo’s which are related to the main item.

Is that something you are looking to do? See this multi-reference field doc: Multi-reference field | Webflow University

Does this help?

Thanks for the excellent suggestion! It sounds like a solution that might work.

I will give it a try as soon as I’m able. I’ll report back here when I know if it works.

Thanks @cyberdave for your tip! I gave multi-reference fields a test and it worked perfectly. :+1:

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