Is it possible to nest several collection in a collection page?

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I’m building a website for the client who wants to have “connections” to other collections on a collection page. For example, we open the “Great Big Ben” page of the “Blog posts” collection — on that page, we connect a few other collections such as “Authors”, “Team members”, “Locations”, etc. So is it possible to do it in Webflow?

As far as I know, it’s possible to add various references fields but I’m not sure how many “connections” (or links, you name it) are possible to add on a collection page. There is only one nested collection per static page but I hope it’s not the case for collection pages otherwise it will be a huge disappointment. We still want to use Webflow CMS — I think it’s amazing but if it’s possible but can be done by using stuff like Airtable, then it’s cool too.

It’s like a website that references itself on one page to another.

Thank you for your replies in advance!

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Hope to find some help here :frowning:

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Could be wrong but is this what you’re looking for? Multi-reference field | Webflow University

Hey @Isaac_Farrow, thanks for the reply!

As far as I know, reference and multi-reference fields only connect to one collection while I need several collections on a dynamic/template/collection page, not a static one.

Hello :slight_smile:

I may be misunderstanding, but I am sure it’s possible to add CMS collections to a specific collection page.

My understanding:

  • You have a collection called Blog Posts
  • On that collection page, you want to add other collections (i.e Team Members)
  • If you add the CMS collection list element to the page, you can then source Team Members
  • This will then appear on your page

If I am not quite getting it, please could you share a preview link so that I can take a look and see if I can be of any help :slight_smile:

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Thank you Isaac!! Yes!

Victoria Waschenko

Hey @Nicole_Klaver!

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right. however, I want to add not one, but two and more collection lists on a collection page — is it possible?

Yes :blush: For every collection you’d like to make visible on the page, you would just add another CMS collection element.

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Cool, thanks for reassuring me! Hope it’s really like that haha!

It is irrelevant to the topic but do you know what can cause the navbar menu to automatically close on tablet and mobile (I don’t use it on desktop but maybe it’s the same there)?