Todo list from collection items

I’d like to create a todo list on my project. The list needs be driven off a collection. Anyone have any experience with doing something like this?
I’ve looked at wized, but that is a little intimidating for me. Hoping to stay more “inside” web flow but willing to use some integrations if needed.

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The main problem when you say “Todo list” is that it suggests a few underlying requirements, for example;

  • Somewhere to store the master list of todos
  • Some sort of tracking ability to remember what’s ticked off
  • Some sort of user ability to know WHO ticked it off, and to track their lists separately

It happens my team is building a service that makes simple user-data-storage possible on top of Memberships without any complexity, but it probably won’t be completed until Q2

Hi @latimerart :wave: welcome to the forum!

Something “inside” Webflow is hard. If you’re open to integrations, that’ll be your best bet.

I don’t know of a specific integration that does this, but here is what I do know, and what I’ve done to solve the problem.


Jetboost is a popular solution within the community. It offers a CMS Item Favoriting feature that you can use as a per user todo list instead.

Favoriting / Unfavoriting would be the same as done / undone for the todo item.


I’ve created a simple course site using Memberstack that does exactly what you describe, but instead of it being a todo item, it is a complete / uncompleted check for each lesson (e.g. todo items).

It works really well, but my example isn’t integrated with the CMS. Though doing so wouldn’t be a heavy life if you use something like Make (Integromat).

You can see it in action by going here:

Enroll with a fake email and test it out. If that’s interesting I have screencast walking through how I’ve built it:

Hope that helps!

@ChrisDrit Your member stack solution is really close. A requirement I have is that multiple users need to see the same todo list. It’s a shared list. Could your solution be extended?

Interesting :thinking: I’m assuming it’s read only when multiple users can view it, but it’s editable only to the user that created it?

If so I’ve got a screencast that builds something similar. It walks through creating blog comments where the author of the comment can edit it, but everyone else can only view it.

Does that helps?

@ChrisDrit well, I shouldn’t have used the word “see”. It needs to be a shared task list. A list of jobs are created by an admin and then contractors with access (login, through member stack) can collaboratively complete the tasks.

I think if you assign those contractors to the same membership then you could allow anyone with that membership to complete the tasks. Sounds doable to me.