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Is it possible to embed a list of events from a Facebook page?

Currently, I’m using a text link in my navbar menu that looks like it’s a page but actually redirects to my facebook events page. I would like to be able to somehow integrate the FB events page into my website but I would settle for an actual page that uses URL slug then when clicked, redirects to the FB events page :slight_smile: lol

There’s gotta be an easy way to do this! I found this site below but it looks like it requires extensive knowledge in API & coding:

Does webflow have a built in calendar feature without having to integrate 3rd party sources?

I was going to suggest Zapier, but they don’t have a Facebook Pages New Event trigger.

Not that we know of. Feel free to use our wishlist.

I found a few plugins that allows you to embed your events

or if you’d prefer to export and integrate this tutorial…

You can even post to the Freelance category or contact specialists in our Experts directory to custom code a solution for you.

Thanks again @samliew! Any tips on how to create a page with a custom URL slug that redirects to an external page once clicked? (i.e. -> url )

Paste a meta redirect tag in the header of your page, or use the 301 redirect system in site settings.

Search help center if unsure.

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