Automatic Facebook event creation from website information


On my website, I list upcoming events (like movie premiers, video games released) and would like to automatically create a Facebook event from the information created on the website.

All info is already on my website CMS page (like time, image, description of the event) and the way I do it now is just by copying everything manually and creating that Facebook event on my own.

Is there a way (maybe Zapier?) to create Facebook events automatically?


Hi, Victor! I think this is probably doable, but not so directly. Definitely check out Zapier and Make (formally Integromat) and see if they have (or you can build a custom) integration for this. From my quick little bit of research, it sounds like the flow might have to go something like Webflow > Google Sheets > Google Calendar > Facebook.

Thank you very much! I will give that a try.