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How to integrate Webflow's events into a grid-view calendar?

What’s the best way to make it so when a new Webflow event is posted, it is also posted into a grid calendar you can view like so?

I looked into Zapier to integrate with Webflow, but its only trigger is “form submission” which doesn’t help me in this case.

Has anyone accomplished this?

Hmm. You probably could use a dynamic list to pull data, then use custom code to load it onto a calendar.

Perhaps you can use an RSS feed of that collection as well to feed into zapier.

Oooh, I hadn’t thought of that! Well, that’s worth a try for sure! So it sounds like I’ll be able to map over the different entries in the RSS feed to event title, start/end dates, description of event, etc. This … might … just … work! Thanks so much samliew!

Okay, so I just set up an RSS feed, but it doesn’t look like it actually picks up all of the datapoints that I need. For example, I need it to pick up “start date” and “end date” so I can tell zapier when my event starts and ends. Looks like it’s just the name, description and publication date that can be given in the RSS? Am I missing something here? How can I push out whatever datapoints I need onto the RSS feed? @samliew? @Brando? @PixelGeek?

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