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Anyone with experience integrating facebook event listings in webflow? I’ve previously asked for this in the genreal help forums and @samliew had a great solution, however I don’t want to pay $180/yr just to use the SociableKit workaround. He also shared another link that requires a bit more coding efforts but if its a one-time payment to a dev method, I would prefer to go that route ! (How To Display Facebook Page Events on Website using PHP?)

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Sounds like something well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
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Now Webflow does not support PHP so that is out of the window. However Fb also does have a Javascript SDK, which is more lightweight and preferable in web dev;

My slight concern however for now is your budget since if you are not willing to pay $180/yr for the workaround, what about the dev fees which will be way higher than that due to the work involved?

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Hey Scott, Thanks for your reply. I’m not familiar with how much time would have to be involved with developing something that could integrate Facebook events into my website so I was hoping that it would be cheaper in the long run than $180/yr. I’d gladly pay a one-time fee but something recurring doesn’t make sense to me when it’s just embedding the FB events content to my page. I’ll send a PM to get a quote from you as well.